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Select a region and discover a Country Pub

Next time you're passing through a country town, head for the wide verandahs and cheery atmosphere of the local country pub. It's here you'll discover the soul of a town where the beer is cold, yarns are spun and history begins.

Country pubs across WA are brimming with character.  Usually, the local pub was one of the town's first buildings and is often located on the main street. These grand old buildings are known for their heritage architecture. Wide verandahs make the most of any cooling breezes the perfect place for a cold beer or glass of wine.

Inside you'll find locals enjoying a quiet drink and catching up on the events of the day. You might also see photos from WA's glory days of gold fever, pioneers, local football and community spirit.

It's easy to get caught up in the great pub atmosphere, so book in and stay a night or two. Many country pubs offer upstairs rooms that spill out onto the balcony a great spot to watch the sunrise or enjoy a hearty, cooked breakfast.

If you are planning to drive after visiting a pub, please do so safely and remember the blood alcohol limit is 0.05
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